Discovery Montessori Flyer- updated-web

Imagine A School…

Where everyone is an important part of a small community and not just a number.
Where students learn from and with each other.
Where respect, courtesy, and self-discipline are the standard.
Where a variety of learning styles are not only accepted but appreciated.
Where grades, tests and expectations aren’t as important as developing a joy in learning.
Where the student leaves at the end of the school day free to be an active part of a family and community and is not expected to spend the evening doing homework at the expense of other social situations.
Where students often leave and want to do “homework” because they love to learn.
Where equal amounts of learning take place in the classroom and the environment outside of the classroom.
Where ecology and community service are everyday considerations–where everyday is Earth Day.
Where individual goals are set and worked toward.
Where parents are welcome contributors to their child’s school experiences.
Imagine having such an established school in your own community.
Imagine and experience –

Discovery Montessori