Our campus is set on five acres in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, we have a riding arena and barn on property and feel blessed to be able to expose all of our students to our Equine Program. We currently have five miniature horses and one miniature Donkey. Our horses are well trained and provide a safe environment for children to learn to ride and care for horses. Our students have a riding lesson a minimum of twice a week with our Equine Instructor.

There have been many studies on the amazing affect horses can have on children. Children build confidence, learn to communicate and learn responsibility by working with horses and we have seen this first hand. Riding also improves balance and coordination. Safety is a priority at our barn and we teach and enforce proper barn etiquette.


“Riding promotes development of body image and balance- this is obvious to everyone. But it also promotes patience, self-control and concentration. To repeat exercises and to focus on a task teaches children openness, curiosity and perseverance in overcoming obstacles, and also promotes the ability to learn in other areas of life”

-Hans Schindler, Psychologist and the head of the Institute for Family Therapy in Weilheim, Germany